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Don't you love "do-overs"? Remember those childhood moments where you can reset, reboot and go on to try to win a game? But what about as adults? In the real game of life, "do-overs" are rare.

This is why I feel so blessed with the relaunch of Taryn Rose, the brand I founded 19 years ago. This is the great "do-over" of my life. After ten years of building the Taryn Rose brand, I was burnt out and exhausted. I sold the company in 2008 and the brand went through many hands after that. The following nine years after my departure saw a decline in both product quality and design. But the loyal fans of the brand kept the hope of a "do-over" alive. 

This month, you will see an entirely updated, refreshed collection from Taryn Rose. We've brought back the supple luscious leathers, rose details, and advanced comfort systems that our fans have always loved. The care to build beautiful, feminine, practical and pretty shoes is back at Taryn Rose. Make sure to read The Rose State of Mind every month on The Rose Room for my monthly musings as I chronicle the great journey of life in my shoes. 

This could not have happened without the dedicated fans of Taryn Rose to whom I say "Thank You".


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