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The Balancing Act


The Balancing Act

In 1998, Dr. Taryn Rose was on her feet a lot—both at work as an orthopedic surgeon and at home caring for her three children. “Like many entrepreneurs, I started my company to solve my own problem, which was to find shoes that felt feminine and fashionable but also comfortable,” says Taryn. So she created Taryn Rose footwear, bringing comfort to the world of luxury shoes.

The brand quickly gained a passionate following from women who felt understood by Taryn. “Being a successful entrepreneur gave me a lot of possibilities to have it all,” recalls Taryn, “but my advice is not to expect to have it all at the same time.”

While making adjustments like moving photo shoots to her home and smuggling her Blackberry into the delivery room may have seemed status quo for a working mother at the time, her views changed after she sold her company in 2008.

Redefining Having It All
Managing expectations is key, Taryn says. “You must focus on what all is for you, and then become unrelenting in your focus for those things,” she advises. It’s up to you to choose how you spend your time and, “If you’re going to spend hours on social media, you won’t have time for other things on your list.”

She also makes sure not to be too hard on herself. “I used to be the type of person that, if I didn’t answer a call or send a text right back, I was wracked with guilt that I wasn’t good enough,” she remembers. Now, if she’s at the yoga studio for an hour and misses a call, she’s not judging herself because she wasn’t right on top of it or available that exact moment.”

Women Supporting Women
Once women stop judging themselves, they are better able to hold back judgment of others, especially women. “We need to be understanding and embracing of other women by first having confidence in ourselves. How can we cut other people slack when we aren’t compassionate to ourselves?” says Taryn.

But that should just be the beginning. “We can’t just pull up the ladder once we’ve made it on the boat. We have to help other women onto the boat, too. The onus is on us who have achieved success to be mentors and cheerleaders.” Women supporting other women is the key to our happiness and success in our careers and life.

Prioritizing You
So really, how do women achieve that ever-elusive life balance?

Solo, uninterrupted relaxation time is a must. “Schedule ten minutes of deep breathing and meditation into your day. It can negate any physical aspects of feeling overwhelmed and allow you to reset your perspective,” suggests Taryn.

“Prioritize and let go of things that are not truly important and don’t bring you joy.”

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