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Our family normally decamps every summer to Italy, where I can work on shoes while my kids complain about Wi-Fi (except for when they’re devouring pizza). Due to my boys’ summer school schedule, this year we decided to have a staycation in Los Angeles. My boys were so happy to be close to their friends (imagine not wanting to go to Italy?) and I got to see my city from a rose state of mind.

While I often fly to tropical locales like Hawaii, Tahiti or Bali for their beaches, I rarely go to the amazing ones we have here in Southern California. I have to admit, I don’t like schlepping all the gear, finding parking or dealing with sand all over my car and house. Now I can Uber to the Annenberg Beach House, where I can rent beach chairs, buy lunch and snacks, and rent boogie boards/surfboards/bikes for my boys. At the end of the day, we can shower and change so that I don’t have to sweep up sand for the next week. I can travel light with just the essentials (towels, credit card, SPF) in my bag and gratitude that I live in such a great city.

A staycation in LA doesn’t mean we miss out on other cultures either. Angelenos can experience exotic cultures just by getting in their car and going for a drive. I love going to Koreatown spas (I like Crystal Spa because they use Aveda products) where I get their famous scrubs. I’ve been to Seoul, so I can tell you this is the real deal. When you book a scrub, be prepared to have every nook and cranny of your body scrubbed by women in black bras and underwear. This is not an experience for those who are shy about their bodies, but you will be rewarded with a massage and the smoothest, cleanest skin you’ve had since you were a baby. Afterwards, I usually opt for Korean BBQ at Park’s BBQ to round out my local Korean experience. 

If you don’t quite know what country to visit during your LA experience, you can start by letting your taste buds do the traveling at Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). LA’s oldest food market, established in 1917, has been reimagined as a multi-restaurant format. You can get everything from pub food to sushi, but I recommend Filipino at Sari Sari. This is a great place for families because there is no need to argue about what to eat. Our family stumbled in when my boys were complaining how hungry they were after attending a march Downtown. Political activism has its price and reward. 

While you’re in DTLA, you can slide down a glass-bottom slide 1000 feet above the city at OUE Skyspace, or head up to Spire 73, the highest open air bar in the Western Hemisphere at the Intercontinental Hotel which boasts a 360 degree view of Los Angeles. The Arts District in DTLA is a fun place to walk around and discover unique galleries, stores and one of my favorite ice cream shops, Salt & Straw (no blog is complete without mentioning ice cream!).

There is so much more I can share with you about Los Angeles, but you need to come see it all for yourself. Bring a pair (or several) of Taryn Rose shoes and explore my city with an open heart and mind. You’re sure to have a great time!

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