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We live in a society of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out for those of you older than 50), keeping up with the Kardashians (the Jones don't cut it anymore) and upgrades of everything from hotel rooms to houses to wives. Everyone is running to catch the next bigger and better thing but this life-long marathon without a finish line is self-imposed. The rat race has been around for a long time, but now we have the extra stressor of looking like we are so happy and fabulous running our lives on social media (AND spending precious time reading posts and creating Insta-worthy shots).

It’s time to step away from it all. Start with taking a walk in fabulous Taryn Rose sneakers, of course. Leave your smartphone at home. Instead look around and notice everything along your path. Luxuriate in the pleasure of just breathing. Smile at the people you encounter and if you see a rose, be sure to stop and smell it. Another option is yoga class. The deep breathing will decrease stress and anxiety (it will also alter the expression of genes controlling your metabolism and insulin secretion so you can calm down. If you are really looking to disconnect your brain, take a dance class and give yourself up to the music and choreography. Seriously, who can think and dance at the same time? It takes way too much coordination. 

The endorphin release from an hour of dancing will make you a great dinner companion so go home and cook a dinner for your family. I "cheat" using Gobble dinner kits so I don’t need to run to the store or spend hours cooking. My rule at dinner time is we all put away our devices. My boys usually grumble and are sullen at first but after 5 minutes they begin to open up and tell me all the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. There is nothing better than connecting with the people you love and no better gift than your time and attention. LIKES cannot compare to real love.

If you grabbed my phone right now, you’d find lots of red notification bubbles everywhere, but I’m not interested in seeing red when I’m in my rose state of mind. 

Bottom line? Unplug, take a walk and stop to smell the roses.

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