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Part of the Taryn Rose mission has always been to support women's and children's causes. I'm thrilled to announce we are embracing our core ideals with a donation of 5,000 pairs of shoes to the charity Delivering Good. Delivering Good provides new clothing, shoes and supplies to women who are transitioning out of poverty, addiction, domestic abuse, or even plain bad luck as they re-enter the work force.

Currently our country is under great division. I think whether you are from a Blue State or a Red State, you could have a Rose State of Mind...which is to give back to others without judgment. I'm a refugee from Vietnam, so I still remember receiving my first new clothes when I arrived in America (luggage is not something you want to weigh yourself down with when escaping from a war zone). The women we support via Delivering Good are refugees, not of war but life circumstances. It's easy to say people should go to work, but they often need support to enter the workforce. New clothes are not on your list if you are struggling just to feed your kids. How are you to walk into a job interview with confidence if you do not have professional clothes? How likely are you to be offered a job if you do not appear professional, clean and groomed? 

While the politicians argue about budget cuts, we can give women real, practical help. We can start with Making America Kind Again. How can you help? First, buy a pair (or more) of Taryn Rose shoes. Good profits allow us to continue to do good things. Second, introduce companies you know to Delivering Good or become a volunteer with the charity. Lastly, adopt a "Rose" State of Mind, even if it is just giving away a smile to a stranger.

Cheers to a wonderful New Year!

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