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I am often asked about work/life balance since I had three children during the decade that I built my namesake company. With the help of an iPhone, I believe you can have it all, but you need to focus on a list of what "all " is for you and then become very organized and efficient at obtaining your list. You also need to manage your expectations.

We are at an amazing point in history where a mother can "outsource" some of her responsibilities at relatively low costs. I'm a single mom like many others so this is especially important to me. I'm not big on cooking but having home cooked dinners together is important for our family. So I use Gobble, a food kit delivery service, so I don't need to stress over how to keep the menu interesting or whether I have all the ingredients. For maximum efficiency, I have my kids help make the meal choices so I no longer hear the groaning of "are we having that again?" plus we get organic food at the affordable price of $11.99 per meal. Instacart and Amazon Fresh are great for groceries and avoiding dreaded Costco runs.

When it comes to working out, I use ClassPass to access boutique fitness studios throughout LA where I live (and in other cities when I travel). There's no excuse not to work out because I can always find a class at anytime and anywhere. I also love the 7 Minute workout app by Johnson & Johnson. Who doesn't have 7 minutes in a day to take care of their body? For weightlifting, I use Fitbod.

And to get things done, Taskrabbit is a great resource for extra temporary help and Lyft when I want to work during a commute. All of these apps are on my IPhone and help me focus on my list of health, family, and work. I like to think having it all is just a few apps away…

Cheers! Taryn

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