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Are you ready for the holidays? Gift list written? New Year’s plans decided?
Now, what about your party shoes?!

With a month filled with parties ahead of us, we never talk about how to care for
our feet during this jam-packed season. Unlike summer where you can get away with
casual flats at most parties, the holidays require we step up our dress code – literally!

First off, you want to make sure your shoes are not too narrow, otherwise after
30 minutes of standing, all the cocktails in the world won’t take the pain away.
As a matter of fact, alcohol can make your feet swell, so the best plan is to make sure
you’re not wearing those fabulous, too tight shoes you bought on super, super sale.
The ones that look great, but are a bit too small and hurt like hell?

That doesn’t mean you have to shy away from great looking shoes though.
From heels to ballet flats, all of ours are built with state-of-the-art comfort technology
to make sure you never have to sacrifice comfort for style. That said, not every night
is a statement-making event so why not go beyond the quintessential high heel?
Shake up your office party look with of-the-moment chunky mid-heels. Opt for patent
leather oxfords or velvet loafers with tuxedo pants. Pair a chic over-the-knee boot
with a short skirt for non-office festivities.

When you have back-to-back nights with parties, consider mixing it up. Flats one night,
heels the next. Consider sneakers by day. By switching it up, you’re giving your feet a break.
Speaking of, don’t forget to stretch your Achilles at the end of the night, and if your
Prince Charming is around, a foot massage will feel oh-so-good and improve circulation.
If not, soak your feet in a cold bath with epsom salt. Just add half a cup to a small tub,
sit back and breathe a sigh of relief…

Happy Feet and Happy Holidays!


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